Solar Solutions

Consumers are facing significant increases in utility costs and an uptick in public policy for clean energy solutions.

We have an extensive network of strategic partners, land prospects and procurement solutions. Our network allows for agility on projects and cost savings that can be passed on to our clients.


Land Development & Utility

Landowners with 10+ acres of contiguous land located in designated areas are ideal for community solar or utility scale solar projects. At Syrcuit, we are working with landowners to lease properties that are ideal for these projects and provide decarbonized solar generation. Our approach is to work with landowners on leases that are competitive and incentivizing as the project comes to fruition.

Estimated Cash Flows for a Solar Project

Community Solar

We are developing large solar arrays that provide low cost renewable energy directly to consumers. The concept of community solar is designed for end users to enjoy the low cost benefits of solar without having to purchase and install systems directly.


Can I still use my land during the development term?
Yes, you have full use of your land during the development term. Any current surface lease will need to be terminated upon notification that construction is about to commence.

How are lease rates determined?
Lease rates are based on multiple factors including buildability, current use and fair market value.

What happens to my land at the end of the lease? Decommissioning the solar project is a condition of the lease agreement. All infrastructure will be removed and the land will be restored to pre-construction condition.

How many acres are needed for the project?
While each project is different, we typically lease as many contiguous, buildable acres as possible. We shoot for a minimum of 640 acres, which will typically yield a 100MW project.

How soon will I receive my first payment after signing an agreement?
Payments begin immediately upon signing a lease agreements and will increase annually during the operations term.